Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Article Wednesday: Learn to Achieve Goals You Set

By: TJ Philpott

Far too many people fail to actually achieve goals they have set for themselves. Although reasons vary and circumstances differ the basis for most people's failure often is common one. Setting goals is a process that should be well thought out but it does not stop there. The ability or desire to actually motivate yourself to pursue your goals seems to be a common 'sticking point' for most people. The obstacles that confront most everyone in the successful pursuit of any tangible goals can be narrowed down to three stages. Let's review these stages to see the best way for you to achieve your goals after setting them. Determine 'Your Own' Desires In setting goals for yourself take conscious note that these goals you have elected to pursue are yours. Often times even as adults we find ourselves striving to achieve milestones that others want for us. For instance, the influence of a parent for you to be a doctor or attend their alma mater is a desire of theirs and not yours. This type of influence makes it difficult to realize this is not really yours but one imposed upon you from an influential figure Remember that the best way to achieve your goals is to possess a burning desire to do what it takes in order to reach them. That desire needs to come from within you to supply the necessary passion needed to motivate yourself in order to maintain your pursuit of these goals. Do not expect the wants or desires of others to supply you with the self-motivation you will need to be successful in your pursuits. Your motivation will be its strongest when pursuing YOUR goals and NOT those of others! Be mindful of this! Dreaming is NOT Enough Most goals start as dreams and this is a natural evolution for most anybody. But dreams remain just that until such time as definitive, calculated and measurable action is taken! In order to take action you MUST have a plan. Converting your dreams into a plan or 'roadmap' to guide your pursuit is a very important stage of goal setting. A definitive, calculated and measurable action plan will be needed in order for you to turn your dreams into a reality. This goal setting can and should be done in stages. Each stage or step when completed should bring you that much closer to the results you desire. Actively Pursue Your Goals As we have stated earlier dreams remain just that until action is taken however action is futile without a plan. With a solid plan in place, here is where we actually begin to turn our dream into a reality. This is done by actively completing each step of the plan we carefully have mapped out. If done properly we have set goals that come from our OWN passion and personal desires. This passion should make it easier to motivate yourself to take the necessary action to enact the plan and STICK WITH IT! Unless the proper action is taken all the dreaming and planning that has been done so far is worthless! Your own ability to achieve goals you have set for yourself comes from within. These goals MUST be yours and not someone else's. Furthermore you will need a workable plan that you are motivated enough to pursue in order to realize these goals. By breaking it down into the three stages above should better demonstrate how attainable any goals may be for you, as long as they are realistic and your own.

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