Monday, June 7, 2010

Get Up & Get Moving: Week 2

Oh No! I gained a pound back this last week instead of losing. It happens. Don’t let gaining a bit here and there back get you down. I put on a pound this last week, but that does not mean the end of the world. This last week I had a lot of family get togethers and of course, I wasn’t the best about what I ate, however, it just means I need to be better this week.

Actual weight on June 7, 2010 189

Goal weight by December 31, 2010 130

Went up 1 pound from last week.

Instead of me listing everything I have done throughout the week to help lose weight, I am going to post a link to a site I have been using to log my activity level and food each day. The site is totally FREE! You can join me on

Having a log helps you stay on track and really lets you see where you need to make improvements or adjustments to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Here’s the link to my overview

If you want to befriend me, my profile is VSGrenier.

You do not have to post your weight in the comments section (unless you’re crazy like me), but I do ask that you share what you did during the week to help get you up and moving.

Thoughts for today:

Visualize all the things that you want in life. Then make your mental blue print, and begin to build.

Your imagination can show you how to turn your possibilities into reality. The will to succeed springs from the knowledge that you can succeed.


  1. Glad you found a site that will help you reach your goal.
    And don't feel discouraged. Years ago, when my husband and I changed our eating habits and lifestyle, he started losing weight right away - but it was almost six weeks before I shed a pound! Very discouraging. I did have the last laugh, though - I dropped far more sizes than he!

  2. Diane, that's so great you've dropped a lot of sizes. I'm sure you and hubby are both very happy to be in great shape.

    Bethany, I love the mood tracker, too. I haven't been as great about using it the last few days, but seeing my moods and what I've eaten really shows me what needs to change.

  3. You're not alone. I didn't gain but didn't lose anything either, but I'm not losing hope and intend to get more serious about it this week.