Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Up & Get Moving: Week 3

I hit this week hard to lose that extra pound I put on last week. Funny thing is, I totally forgot to weigh myself to see the results at my mom’s. I know why don’t I have a scale at home . . . because I would get on the darn thing everyday and just get depressed watching my weight take off like a rollercoaster ride. Anyway, I know I have lost some weight because I can feel it in my waistband. But as soon as I know where I’m weighing in, I’ll update this post.

Actual weight on June 14, 2010 unknown

Goal weight by December 31, 2010 130

Instead of me listing everything I have done throughout the week to help lose weight, I am going to post a link to a site I have been using to log my activity level and food each day. The site is totally FREE! You can join me on

Having a log helps you stay on track and really lets you see where you need to make improvements or adjustments to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Here’s the link to my overview

If you want to befriend me, my profile is VSGrenier.

You do not have to post your weight in the comments section (unless you’re crazy like me), but I do ask that you share what you did during the week to help get you up and moving.


  1. I've been getting in more walking when I go out. When I park somewhere, I park a lot farther away than I used to. Each step helps.

  2. Funny, I forgot to weigh myself this morning, too! LOL

    I just came from a 20-min brisk walk with my golden retriever. Weather was awesome! The downside? I ate two slices of pizza at dinner today... but I swear, they were small ones!

  3. Susanne and Mayra, I'm glad you both are sticking to getting up and getting moving. Don't worry if you have a little something extra now and then. I sure do. With family in town right now I find it hard not to be eating things that aren't on my diet plan. :) Keep up the good work and I'll share more of how I'm doing next week.