Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Up & Get Moving: Week 4

I am starting to notice a trend lately. Watching my weight weekly is starting to get discouraging. Maybe because I am maintaining now instead of losing. Maybe because I can see it barely changing and so I feel I am not reaching my goal. I am not really sure, but I have decided to post my weight every other week. Maybe this will help me stay encouraged. Maybe not, but either way I’m going to try it.

I’ve also decided to share tips with you. Some I’ve learned others from shows I’ll catch on TV or the radio in my spare time. Like today while eating breakfast the Dr. Oz, show came on right after the news. Because my kitchen table is near the living room, I could hear the show. Dr. Oz talked about the best ways to lose weight. I loved what he shared and so here is the link for you

As you can see, I’m still at the same weight as I was two weeks ago.

Weight on June 28, 2010 191

Weight on June 14, 2010 191

Goal weight by December 31, 2010 130

I guess that means time to get off the computer for a bit and take my baby girl for a walk. Some fresh air will do us both some good. Join me by getting up and getting moving!

I have been using a log to track my activity level and food intake each day. The site is totally FREE! Come join me on

Having a log helps you stay on track and really lets you see where you need to make improvements or adjustments to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Here’s the link to my overview

If you want to befriend me, my profile is VSGrenier.

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  1. Virginia, you are so brave to share weight stats on your blog.

    Keep taking it one day at a time and the weight will come off.

    I like Dr. Oz. I used to DVR the shows but I stopped DVRing it because it was too time consuming trying to catch up on the shows.