Monday, July 19, 2010

Come Talk about Self Publishing on A Good Story Is A Good Story

Today, on A Good Story is a Good Story, at 8pm central please join host Marsha Cook and her co-hosts April Robin & Freda Roberts, along with their wonderful assistant Virginia Grenier. They will have a candid discussion with independent publishers who publish good books! With so many authors publishing their books with independent publishers, it’s time to recognize these books as first rate books. Not every traditionally published book is a winner and that is the same in the Independent market. On the show this week, is Neal Wooten, owner and managing editor of Mirror Publishing. He will be discussing his theories on Independent publishing, and why the concept of books on demand and Independent publishers are on their way to the top. The Independent publishing world is changing rapidly and certainly becoming a powerful source. Robin Surface from Fideli Publishing will also be there to discuss her views on the changing market. Both Publishers are very successful and easy to work with, which are two very important reasons to choose a publisher. Independent publishing is here to stay. The show will be fun and exciting in a new and different way. Please join in and listen to interesting topics about writing and entertainment. You will be glad you did. You can call in to the show at 646-595-4478 or send a question in at

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