Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Up & Get Moving: Week 8

This is the week I don’t weigh myself. However, I am sure I have lost some weight after all the running around I did this past week. My kids are about ready to kill me. I made them completely clean out their rooms. Boy did their rooms need it. If a book wasn’t already written called the messy closet, I would have written it this weekend. My son’s room had wrappers from last Halloween hiding out. I even found some weird green slim. He, of course, did not know what it was or where it came from. I am thinking maybe aliens took him and that is why when I starting talking to him . . . he’s eyes glaze over and not one word enters his brain.

My five year old on the other hand thinks under her bed is a great place to shove everything mommy wants to throw away. I guess she is still too young to part with her stuff. Even if half of it is broken or doesn’t ever get played with. She kept telling me, “The toys will be sad. Didn’t you watch Toy Story, Mommy?” I tired really hard not to laugh at that comment. Of course, I’ve seen Toy Story. In fact, I have seen them all. But I didn’t have the heart to explain to my five year old that the toys don’t come to life when she sleeps or isn’t in her room. She is a little girl and needs her imagination.

So with that last thought here is the health tip for this week:

Even Busy Mums Can Exercise at

July 19, 2010 Weight 188

Goal weight by December 31, 2010 130

I have been using a log to track my activity level and food intake each day. The site is totally FREE! Come join me on

Having a log can help you stay on track and really lets you see where you need to make improvements or adjustments to help shed those unwanted pounds.

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