Monday, July 26, 2010

A Good Story Is A Good Story with guest Dean Kaner

On Monday, July 26th join host Marsha Cook and her co - hosts April Robin, Freda Roberts and VS Grenier. This week’s show is going to be filled with exciting segments that you won't want to miss. The special guest host for this week is Dean Kaner, a writer, manager and script doctor. He’s quite funny and extremely witty. His management skills have taken many writers right to the top. Dean is also going to share his early childhood experiences with some humorous stories about his Stan Laurel Scrap book and how over the years his management company became a reality. He is one of three authors of a wonderful produced play,” The Boys Of Winter”. The production took place in Boston. Dean is now using his excellent writing skills as a Script Doctor, to help new writers establish themselves as credible scriptwriters. The lively conversations and discussions that listeners can partake in every week are April’s Pick and Virginia’s Perspective. April’s pick is a call in discussion about a special TV show. Virginia’s Perspective is about the pros and cons of writing, and especially what not to do. Please join in the fun and relieve the stress of the day. The call in number is 646-595-4478. You can click the Blog Talk Radio button on this blog to listen in.

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  1. If you missed the show, that's okay. You can click the Blog Talk Radio button and get us On Demand!