Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are Bookstores Doomed?

I was sent this link today about bookstores. The Wall Street Journal discusses if bookstores are doomed like the record stores 10 years ago. The debate over weather eBook readers are going to be the way of life or will people still want to hold a book between there hands is on. I for one think bookstores maybe on their way to downsizing, but being wiped off the map like the record stores of old . . . no! Why? Because too many people still like to curl up in bed, in front of a fire, or under a shady tree while they read. I know I love turning the pages of a book, feeling it in my hands, and dogearing the corner to mark my spot. Think about a child trying to sit on mommy's or daddy's lat reading an eBook. I just don't see it. Plus you can' see the full spread of a children's picture book on an eBook reader. At least not from what I've seen. Yeah, eBooks are cool, hot and part of our life-style. My hubby loves getting a chapter a day sent to his smart phone to read on his breaks. They are popular and becoming mainstream, but books will never completely go away. Even CD's are still around even though people have MP4, MP3, and Ipods. I even know a few people who still collect records. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject and for fun . . . I have embedded the clip from The Wall Street Journal.


  1. I don't believe they will go away either, but with school districts getting rid of textbooks and opting to provide students with eReaders--which I believe is already happening in California and some other states--bookstores are going to feel the pinch because kids are going to get used to reading books on these devices. We'll end up with a new generation of kids who might not even own a printed book at some point.

    My Kindle changed my entire opinion of eBooks. I can read them and archive the ones I like; Read and delete the ones I don't like; and I'm not adding to my already overflowing bookshelves.

    We will still have some big bookstores out there, but I think the day of every city having a bookstore is coming to a close.


  2. I don't think we'll lose out book stores, but I think they will downsize. E-readers and e-books are here to stay. Not everyone can afford to own an e-reader. I'd like to have one someday, but it is a very low priority right now. I also like holding a book and turning the pages. I don't dog ear my pages. : )
    What I'm trying to say is I see the benefits of owning and using an e-reader, but I'll also never give up reading books in print. I think there is room in my world for both.

  3. Traditional (paper books) will always have a place.

    It is hard to replace the feel of a real book with one on a machine. There maybe are a few book genres that may succumb to the new technology over time, and be less available as paper copies (maybe), but there will always be those who want the real thing. Whether that be a rare book, or just as a piece of furniture on the shelf, or even an investment in some cases, I think paper books will always have place.