Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23rd on A Good Story is A Good Story

This is going to be an exciting show. Special guests this week are Jan Britland and Mike Swaim. Jan is the author of the Rodger Doger series and Mike is the illustrator. They are a great team and they will each be taking about their careers and how they met and created such a colorful series of children’s books. Audience participation is always a plus. Please feel free to call 646-595-4478 with your questions. Also on the show we will have April’s Pick which is her favorite TV show and a discussion, Freda’s Favorite old movie and Virginia’s perspective on writing. There’s a new addition to the show. Every show will showcase an author who will be calling in and sharing their new book and briefly talking about their career. Leave your stress behind and join in every Monday night. You’ll have fun. Join us at

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