Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Good Story Is A Good Story- August 30th Special Guest Carmela Foster

This week’s show is going to be entertaining as well as educational. Carmela Green Foster will be discussing how being on YouTube can make your dreams become reality. There’s several thing that need to be done that will help sell more books., but book trailer videos which have become very popular seem to be what writers find a very important way to promote yourself. Also Carmela will discuss the two films she has produced "Tell me a joke and I will laugh".

Also on the show we will have April’s Pick which is always one of her favorite TV shows and a discussion, Freda’s favorite old movie FUNNY GIRL and Virginia’s perspective on writing. There’s a new addition to the show. Every show will showcase an author who will be calling in and sharing their new book and briefly talking about their career. Fran Lewis will be giving a mini preview on her new book, Sharp As A Tack. Leave your stress behind and join in every Monday night. You’ll have fun. There's something new going to happen....a contest! We will keep you posted. the link to the show

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