Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

There is no better way to start your day than to see waiting in your inbox an email like this . . . You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. I was so excited to open my email not because I won this award, but because Lynn A. Davidson had this to say, “You are a true inspiration, I am glad to have discovered your blog.” What an honor it is to not only been given this award by Lynn, but also knowing I have touched someone with the things I am sharing here on The Writing Mama. So now that Lynn has given me this wonderful surprise I feel I need to not only thank Lynn (who’s blog you can visit at: http://lynnadavidson.wordpress.com), but all of you who come to read my ramblings, articles, and interviews with other writers. If you all believe in me like Lynn does . . . then I will not worry or be intimidated by this award. I will continue to share my writing journey with you all even if I do end up living in a trashcan one day instead of on top of the best-sellers list.

Thanks so much Lynn for this honor and award!

Now, there are usually rules to follow on an award like this so here are the requirements:

1. Thank the one who gave you this award. 2. Share seven things about yourself. 3. Present this honor to 15 newly discovered bloggers. 4. Drop by and let the fifteen new friends know how they have touched you.

Well I have one down as you know above. What a real treat this is. I really cannot believe Lynn honored me with this award. Okay, so now on to the seven things about myself . . . let me think on this one. There is a lot you all already know so I guess I should share some stuff you might not know or few know about me.

1. My parents, even though they are divorced and remarried, have remained friends over the last 25 years and we all get together for the holidays. This includes my mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad, my hubby, our three kids, my sister and her hubby, my brother, and our baby sister (who is turning 12 this year).

2. Even though I worked in ladies and teen fashion as a buyer, I’m more of a tomboy. I hate shopping, doing my hair, make-up, and forget about my nails. I bit them. But you wouldn’t know it if you saw me at a conference or tradeshow.

3. I use to work on Hollywood Blvd. in the Frederick’s of Hollywood buying offices. I have met many different celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis; who had her star put right outside our office doors. That was pretty cool!

4. I met my hubby on the internet back when it was not a very popular idea. And if you ask him what happened when we first met in person, he’ll tell you I was hiding behind a counter in one of my stores. So not true though. I was getting more flyers to pass out.

5. My son and brother are only 1 ½ years different in age.

6. I date someone as old as my step-mom before I met my hubby. That was a bit strange and one of the reasons why we broke up among others.

7. I never planned to be a writer. I always thought I would be a CEO of some fashion company. However, I am happy with my life the way it is. I have three wonderful children, a husband who loves and supports my crazy ideas, and a job I can do from home while being a mom. Who can beat that!

Now to the best part . . . presenting this award to 15 other bloggers and that is not going to be easy. After long and careful consideration, here are the ones I feel are deserving recognition.

Market My Words http://faeriality.blogspot.com

Breakthrough Blogs http://stephentremp.blogspot.com

Writers in the Sky E-zine http://writersinthesky.blogspot.com

Adventures in Children’s Publishing http://childrenspublishing.blogspot.com

Dallas Woodburn’s Writing Life http://dallaswoodburn.blogspot.com

Karen Cioffi-Writing for Children http://karenandrobyn.blogspot.com

Jane’s Ride http://janekennedysutton.blogspot.com

Write What Inspires You! http://donna-mcdine.blogspot.com

Cathy Witbeck-Story Painter http://cathywitbeck-storypainter.blogspot.com

Katie Hines-Walking on Water http://katiehines.blogspot.com

I Devour Kid Books http://idevourkidbooks.blogspot.com

Janet Ann Collins/OnWords Open Eyes http://onwordsblog.blogspot.com

Magdalena Ball http://magdalenaball.blogspot.com

Mayra’s Secret Bookcase http://mayrassecretbookcase.blogspot.com

Lea Schizas http://thewritingjungle.blogspot.com

Wow, this is a list and I really have to say this is only a sample of the wonderful blogs I follow. Please stop each of these blogs. You’ll be glad you did!

Note: Those of you who I am bestowing this award to are not obligated to do anything if you cannot manage it. Please simply enjoy the kudos!

Thank you again Lynn and everyone who follows The Writing Mama!


  1. CONGRATS on receiving the award. You totally deserve the honor!

    CONGRATS to all those who you have given the award to!

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved. Enjoy the honor and thanks for all of your inspiration!

  3. Thanks so much Virginia - your award is well and truly deserved, and I so appreciate your awarding me as one of the 15! I'll have to get to work now!

  4. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on. what a treat.

  5. Hi Virginia, just wanted to mention that I've done my response blog now, here:

    Thanks again! Maggie

  6. Virginia, congratulations for your well deserved award. I stop by your site often and always find great information.

    And, thank you so much - I am certainly honored to be among those you awarded the Versatile Blogger Award to.

    I actually have limited internet access this week, and am running behind on my writing jobs and other online responsibilities, but if time allows, I'll do my best to follow through.