Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Mother’s Reflection on a Busy Monday

It’s funny how I tried to cut back on everything I was doing before Sabrina was born, but no matter how much I try . . . I find myself busier than ever. Take today for instance. I woke up at 6:30 am and hopped into the shower. Once ready for the day, the kids were awake and ready for breakfast. After that, I jumped on the computer to get a few blog post up, some marketing sent out, and checked emails. Then it was time to rush out of the house.

I had to go get my driving record and take a drug test. For what you wonder . . . well I’m going to be an on call crossing guard for my city. I was thinking about doing it full-time, but with a baby and everything I do in the World of Ink . . . let’s just say this was a better choice. Anyway, so I am dashing all over my county to get these things taken care of when it hits me. I have to be back home by 2pm my time to make for my interview on Chirp with Peggy & Jon on Red River Radio.

For those who popped in and listed to the show and my interview, thanks so much. Those who did not get a chance can listen to it on demand at


I am just now listening to the show. I have not gotten to my interview yet, but I am hoping it sounds okay. I was a bit crazed after all the running around I did earlier. Anyway, I get home and Marsha Cook the host of our show A Good Story is a Good Story. I of course, having a few minutes to spare, chat with her about our show tonight. After hanging up with Marsha, I jumped on the phone once again to call into to Chirp with Peggy & Jon. I was glad to make the interview and chat with them about writing and what I am up to these days.

Okay, I’m sure you are wondering . . . but what about your kids. Luckily, for me, hubby is home during the day to help. He was busy taking care of the kids, but now it was my turn to take over so he could go to work and bring home the bacon. Sorry had to say it. Well you would think after my hubby left my day would just slow down. Nope, not at my house! Now it was time to spend some time with the kids, put the baby down for a nap, and watch my five year olds favorite movie of the week about a gazillion times. Once the baby was back up it was time to feed everyone dinner and rush out the door once again. My teenage son has fencing Mondays, Wednesday s, and Saturdays. Unfortunately, it makes my Mondays even busier, but I love him so I do what I can. He ended up feeling sick half way through practice so I was dashing him home and hoping I would be back in time for my blog talk radio show.

Happy to say, I did get home in time for show, was able to take care of my son, and make sure the girls where okay as well. Once the show was over it was time again to feed my baby. And that’s when I finally got to take a deep breath. Looking into her eyes, watching her reaching for my face, and rubbing her velvety soft head was what I needed at the end of my crazy day. Her little hands reaching out for me to kiss them and seeing the smile slowly spread across her face makes all the stress, worries, and demands melt away.

Once the baby was down for the night, it was time for my five year old to climb into my lap and of course make me watch her favorite movie of the week again. I didn’t mind. I just wrapped her in my arms and laughed at scenes I could repeat in my sleep.

Motherhood is a busy time in any woman’s life. No matter your goals, dreams, or desires . . . children are more important because they grow so fast. My fourteen year old son is a great reminder everyday in my life. I missed much of his earlier years while working in retail, but I am lucky I’m getting to enjoy watching him become a young man and seeing his sisters grow. I would not change one thing about my day today.

Now the day is over. It’s time for me to watch some TV, do some walking on my treadmill, and reading a book before getting some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day. I’m sure to get some writing done, but I am sure my kids will take up most of my time as it should be. Once they are grown, I will have all the time in the world to write my books.

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