Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reopenings and New Beginnings

Boy have I been emailing like crazy today. I don't think I have sent so much time on email in months. Today, I finished formatting the SFC Newsletter for Writers, so must of my emailing was making sure all the subscribers received their newsletter. I'm sure many of them were excited to see it since I took the month of July off. There was a lot of information and tips this month to share with the ever growing subscriber list. The other task that still has me emailing is Stories for Children Magazine. I say still because I'm only taking a break right now to post here on The Writing Mama. I needed a nice change of pace for a short bit before I start my crazy emailing routine yet again. Okay . . . okay, I'll share what I'm up to with Stories for Children Magazine. As many of you know, I put the magazine on hiatus due to the birth of my baby girl and being sick with H1N1 at the end of last year. How I have missed working with all of the talented authors and illustrators, and putting out each issue of Stories for Children Magazine together each month. I am really excited to say the day is getting closer when Stories for Children Magazine will reopen its doors to submissions. Right now, I’m looking for people interested in joining the SFC Team. This is a totally volunteer job currently, however, I am always looking into ways Stories for Children Magazine can become a paying market and job for those behind the scenes. There are also some changes to the publications. Such as, instead of 12 issues a year, Stories for Children Magazine will only be putting out 9 issues a year. Also, the articles in the magazine have been cut back from 9 per issue to 6 per issue. I am also breaking up the Fiction and Poetry departments into their own departments to help with the workload of these two categories. Theses are just some of the changes to come. But first to put a new SFC Team together. I, of course, contacted the old SFC Team first to see if any of them would like to rejoin. What is great about working with Stories for Children Magazine are the connections you make. Many of the old team are unable to rejoin because they are busy with marketing their books, working with paying magazines, or even trying to keep up with their expanding freelance business. It amazes me how well they are all doing and I'm very excited for them. How I will miss many of them on the team, but that only opens opportunities for Stories for Children Magazine to find new talent, which brings me back to the positions I'm looking to fill currently. The positions open are as follows: Poetry Editor Assistant Poetry Editor Assistant Fiction Editor Nonfiction Editor Assistant Nonfiction Editor Youth & Activities Editor Blog Editor Interviewer Marketing Manager Copy Editor Proofreader Book Reviewer Educational Writer Art Director Being a part of the SFC Team is an experience all its own. I may not be able to pay my staff or contributors in cash, but I do pay it forward with support, marketing, and helping those who help me down the path to their writing dreams. If you are interested in joining the SFC Team, please send me an email at vsgrenier@storiesforchildrenmagazine.org. Include in your email your writing resume, any publications, what position you would like to work in, and your contact information. Note: this is a volunteer job. Stories for Children Publishing, LLC is currently a non-paying market in all its divisions. I look forward to the reopening of Stories for Children Magazine and working with all of you and the old contributors again. Your talents and contributions to the magazine have made us what we are!

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  1. How exciting that you are working on bring the magazine back.