Monday, September 13, 2010

Media Release: A Good Story Is A Good Story - Monday 8PM CST - 9PM EST - 6 PM CPST

This week’s show is a hot topic in the publishing industry.

Alan Kalar is the editor for AKW books, an eBook publisher.
He does exactly what the traditional publishers do; he finds
a talented author with something important to say and publishes
them. The only difference is the books come out as an eBook.
This is one of the fastest growing Industries in the business.
The discussion will be very informative on all the new ways new
authors can get noticed. What a difference five years makes ...
five years ago this was just starting to take off and now it's
an industry that HIT THE JACK POT!

If you're a writer that won't quit until you get published this
is the show you will want to listen to.

Callers are welcome -Please call(646)595-4478


  1. Missed it. Wished I'd seen it. Can you give us a short recap?

  2. If you click on the link Blog Talk Radio by my profile you can listen to the show on demand.