Monday, September 27, 2010

Today September 27th at 8PM CST - 9PM EST - 6 PM CPST--AGood Story is A Good Story

Our guest is Chery Malandrinos.She's an expert on Book tours which is one the best ways to get your book noticed. Cheryl will be talking about PUMP UP YOU BOOK and her website is

Cheryl is also an author and her new book, LITTLE SHEPPERD has just recently been released. Adding to the fun will be Virginia Grenier's take on writing and some of the new additions to the show will be a weekly event called My Family Does Crazy, by Freda Roberts. This segment will be funnier than you can imagine. We will also have a new movie review segment by Marsha Cook who will review the new movie WALLSTREET by Oliver Stone. 

Join in the fun either by phone or online in number is (646) 595-4478 We will also be discussing where BESSE THE BUS is off to and where she's been.

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