Friday, October 1, 2010

Interview with Adam Epstein & Andrew Jacobson

For Immediate Release

Interview with Adam Epstein & Andrew Jacobson
Authors of The Familiars, Harper Collins September 2010

Blog Interviewer, D.M. Cunningham had the chance to interview the authors of the newest series “The Familiars”. If you are a Harry Potter or Warriors fan than this is one book and interview you will not want to miss!

Adam grew up in New York and Andrew in Wisconsin. They met in Los Angeles a little over ten years ago and started writing for film and television. Their first break was writing the screenplay for the movie, Not Another Teen Movie. From there they went on to write for the MTV Movie Awards for six years. Then a few years ago, Adam and Andrew decided to make a change. They had always dreamed of writing the kinds of projects they grew up loving -- adventure, fantasy, magic. It made perfect sense for Adam and Andrew to write a story targeted to the middle grade reader! 

"The Familiars," is also being adapted into a 3D animated movie! Academy Award nominated Pixar director Doug Sweetland, who created the short film PRESTO, which appeared before WALL-E, has been hired by Sony Animation to helm "The Familiars."

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Instead of posting an interview here today, I'm going to share a very interesting interview with you all over at the SFC blog Families Matter. What I love about this interview is not only the overall answers to the questions presented, but also the get to know the authors video. Something I had never thought about doing for my books, but now I will consider if it works with the book's storyline.

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