Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Key to Success When Working Online

The key to success when working online ultimately is your ability to connect with others.
Online relationships are difficult to develop when marketing on the internet due to the lack of physical contact. Special effort must therefore first be put into developing trust which can be achieved by having a positive impact over those you come in contact with.

Here is a simple 5 step strategy one should consider adopting when marketing on the internet if you hope to become successful working online.

Know Tour 'Target' Audience

What makes them tick or why are they even looking around online! You cannot expect to 'forge' a relationship with anyone without first knowing a little about them. If you intend to be of help to them and make a positive impact upon them in some way it is best to be familiar with their needs.

Heck you may discover that what you have to offer is no benefit to your audience thereby you are wasting both your time and theirs.

Share Your Best Knowledge or Secrets

It's all about winning/earning their respect/trust! The most effective way to do this online is share what you know with them. Whether it is out of your own personal experience or something you picked up from someone else PASS ON THE KNOWLEDGE!

In order to become successful in just about any field you will need the support/allegiance and/or loyal following of others to do so. Helping others is a great start to forming a positive relationship plus the 'warm fuzzy' feeling you get does not hurt either!

Build People

Oh sure, social proof is a very popular approach to reassure others when they are deciding upon a particular direction to take. When 'asking' people to make a decision or take a 'direction' you want them to be comfortable. Sometimes however their hesitancy is based upon self-doubts that can only be addressed by encouragement. At these times go to the 'core' and help them realize 'they got what is takes just use it' - nothing is more convincing or true than that!

By making a positive impact in that way you are not only building a very solid reputation but just as importantly you are genuinely helping another!

Simplify the 'Complicated'

Do not get caught up in salesmanship when communicating with others online. Your 'blizzard of words' when trying to make the complicated seem simple generally only serves to further confuse or even alienate people.

When all things are considered there is really nothing involved in marketing on the internet that is rocket science. For every complicated issue there exists a simple explanation. Consistently communicate in a way that everybody can understand and you will likely attract many more people that way.

Light Their Fires

In the end it gets down to an individuals desire or needs they want filled and the most you can do is to make them aware you possess the means. Their willingness to 'openly' listen to your claims will be greatly enhanced by your reputation and the relationship you may already have with them.

Your long term internet success all comes down to trust and the effort you have invested into developing it with other people online.

The key to success when marketing on the internet is in your ability to build positive relationships with the people you come into contact with. To become successful working online you must first let people know they can trust you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having a positive impact on others. It is hard to ignore or dislike someone who is consistently helpful. The strategy discussed above aims to make you more aware that your attitude should be more of a giving than receiving one. As they say actions speak louder than words and this is what most 'impressions' are built upon. By sharing what you know or being helpful in some way that will have a positive impact on others helps to build the reputation you need to succeed.
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