Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VBT-Guest Author Shelby Patrick

Before we jump to our VBT-Writers on the Move guest author Shelby Patrick, I wanted to say thank you for following this blog. I started this blog almost ten months ago and I can't believe how fast the number of followers and views climbed over the months. I really enjoy doing this blog and it has helped me get back into the swing of writing after the birth of my baby girl a year ago. Hard to believe it's been a year since she graced my life.

There are many things I have planned for this year here on the blog and with Stories for Children Publishing. I will as always update you on what is going on. I know lately I haven't posted any personal updates and I plan to be better over the upcoming months. Again thank you all for your support and now to our guest today author Shelby Patrick.

Instead of a interview, Shelby has offered a guest post on writing and keeping your spirits up when everything falls on your shoulders as the author of a book.

About Shelby Patrick: Shelby has published various articles throughout the Internet and created several e-books that are currently in circulation.

Not only does she work avidly with thrillers, but she continues to work with her other favorite genres: Fantasy and Science Fiction. She is currently working on a supernatural novel involving a serial killer.

Shelby was the founder of the now-defunct Michigan Horror Writers and the editor for several newsletters. Besides writing and dreaming, her other interests include martial arts, animals, and astronomy.

The Road So Far…
By Shelby Patrick

Writing is exhausting, especially when you do it alone. If you don’t have an agent, a marketer, or a publisher lined up, it all falls on the author to write and sell the book. How does one find the time?

Careful steps are necessary to keep one’s sanity during the writing process.

I spent years just writing before I even considered putting my stuff out there. I was under the impression that an author’s job is to WRITE. The rest would take care of itself, eventually. However, competition is fierce to grab an agent, editor, or publisher’s attention. I got a few offers, but none of them panned out, so I took my books on the road myself.

What did I find out?

Nothing comes easy.

I was lucky enough to find a really good editor, Richard Buchko, although he’s busy and takes his sweet old time.  It takes months to write, rewrite, and then rewrite some more before I can feel like my work is good enough to compete with the market today.

I write under a pseudonym, but the disadvantage of that is your friends and family don’t know you wrote something and there is no glory – so now everyone I know is aware of my pen name. Unfortunately, I wish I had kept it a secret now because some of the people I know comment on the nature of my writing – such as I used a lot of bad language or there’s too much sex and they don’t want to recommend it to anyone else. Therefore, I won’t tell them about my hot erotic vampire novel I just finished, which I’ll publish under a different pen name, of course. J

My first novel, WHEN ANGELS SING, came out in December 2010. The main male character, Blaze Kerrigan, is a typical young guy (with sex on the mind most days), but with one peculiar problem – he has a psychic link to a serial killer. So when Jenna Michaels shows up at his door unannounced and bears an uncanny resemblance to his dead fiancĂ©e, it’s Blaze’s job to keep her safe, especially when the body count starts to rise.

To see the trailer for WHEN ANGELS SING, please visit:

WHEN ANGELS SING can be purchased at amazon.com or bn.com.

Shelby Patrick

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  1. Hi Virginia,

    Thanks for hosting me today :-)


  2. Terrific post of Shelby. I'm hooked and your book has made my must purchase and read list!

    Hi Virginia...long time...hope you are well!

    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks, Donna. I hope you enjoy the book.


  4. That's an interesting twist in plot ... a psychic link to the serial killer. A writer can go in many directions with this one. Best wishes for your success Shelby!

  5. Shelby, it's interesting that when you write under a pseudonym many don't know who the author actually is. It's kind of the same thing with ghostwriting, someone else gets the credit.:)

    Your book sounds intriguing!

  6. Shelby, interesting post. I'm interested to know why you chose to write under a pseudonym.

  7. Liked your post, Shelby. I have to agree, nothing in writing comes easy!

  8. Nothing comes easy, indeed. Definitely the first lesson. Thanks Shelby.