Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Post with illustrator Ronda Eden - part of the World of Ink May '11 Virtual Tour

Publishing Tips (dos and don'ts)
By Ronda Eden Illustrator of "The Brothers Foot"
This is the one I’m betting Steve, the author, is avoiding. I know this because we are alike in that promotion, publishing and all the business parts of our work is hardly our forte. Like most artists, we just want to be left alone to do our art. We are however, making an effort...but it’s not easy. I think I could offer a few tips though as I do some writing for children as well.  
First: Keep up with the latest trends and how things are quickly changing.
Second: As much as you may not like Facebook and other social networks, they are fast becoming a necessity if you want to get the word out there. Do keep some boundaries tough. It’s easy to get distracted and led astray.
Third: Be careful of self-publishing companies. Make sure you understand the costs involved. Realize you are probably going to have to buy your own books and usually in bulk to get any kind of profit margin. Some of the self-publishing companies are very large and have become (I think) impersonal. This may not bother you, as they can also be very efficient and produce a nice finished product. I just found the last time I dealt with them I never got to speak to the same person twice.
Fourth: Start off with magazines. Get an up to date copy of Children’s Writers and Illustrator’s Market, as it is a good all around source of information and resources to help you figure out your niche. It contains really helpful articles as well.
Fifth: Have a look at a variety of publishing options and keep a creative and open mind.
I hope my list of tips was helpful. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, Ronda Eden, Illustrator, The Brothers Foot
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  1. Very good tips, Rhonda. Number three is especially important for those thinking of self-publishing. Check out several companies/services and make a spreadsheet comparing what they offer and the prices involved. And be sure the company you use if reputable!

  2. Self publishing can be a good way to go if you are willing to do the foot work in marketing your book, and have time for hand-selling them yourself. It can also be a good way to go for a regional book.

  3. Terrific points to listen too. Researching options is imperative.

  4. I recently left iUniverse. The only ones making any money were them. I'm almost set up with CreateSpace and will be selling books at a much lower cost and seeing better profits.

  5. Great tips. Thanks for sharing them. Authors choosing self-publishing definitely need to do their homework before signing on the dotted line.