Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journal and Discover Your Authentic Self: Gust Post with Shery Russ‏

How long have you been journaling? I've been journaling for over 15 years and it is one of the most freeing 
activities I have ever done. My journal is the one place where I can completely be myself and simply let go.
Over the years, my journals have helped me sort through issues and make sense of the things happening in my 
life. My journals reflect the real me, the authentic me.
How authentically are you living your life right now? Is there synergy between your inner world (your feelings, values, beliefs, needs, passions) and outer world (relationships, job, home)?
When you live your life authentically, there is congruence between these two worlds. You close the gap between who you are, what you do and what you want others to get about you. Others get the real you when you speak from the heart and walk your talk.
Authenticity and personal power go hand in hand. The more you live authentically, the more personal power you possess. Even though you may have more conflicts, problems or fears by choosing to live authentically, these things can no longer control you and mess up your life. You are able to choose how you respond and deal with them.
Choosing to live authentically requires honesty and a willingness to accept what you know to be true for you in every situation. It means not succumbing to the pressures to do what society views "right" or "acceptable." It involves self-trust and a deep conviction.
Here are a few questions you can answer in your journal:
* Make a list of words that describe your Authentic Self. Are the words in your list the words that others think of you or know of you?
* How do you practice authenticity in your life? For instance, you practice authentic living when you speak up for something you're passionate about at the risk of not being liked by some. Grow a list of personal ways to be authentic.
* What creative gifts do you possess? Do other people know about your gifts or have you been hiding them? Do you only manifest these gifts to a select few, perhaps to one person with whom you are most comfortable?
About Shery Arrieta-Russ:

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The above is an excerpt from my book, The Authentic Self: Journaling Your Joys, Griefs and Everything in Between (ISBN 978-0-6151-5562-3; paperback, 212 pages, October 2007). The book contains 199 emotions and life themes (and over 600 insightful journaling questions) to help you discover your authentic self. You'll receive a bo.nus gift when you order an autographed copy. Shipping is free anywhere in the US. http://www.writesparks.com/lm/link.php?id=228850dauthenticself 

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  1. Journaling is important part of my day. I try to journal as soon as the kids get off to school and before I officially start my day. It's gives a true sense of gratitude and center.

    All the best,

  2. Awesome newsletter, Virginia! Thanks for this post, Shery. I like what you say about authenticity and creative gifts. I've been journaling since I was 12-- a couple of crates full under my writing desk. I've even begun transcribing some that later become fodder for stories. (Type in "The Journal Project" on my blog to glimpse a page or postcard cover!)