Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's No Magic Formula for Becoming a Better Writer‏

If you’re trying to become a better writer, you should know that there is not quick-fix or magic formula that will suddenly transform you into a good writer in three simple steps. Becoming a better writer is obviously a long-term undertaking, but many writers consider that they have a gift that simply has to be unlocked by the same magic key that published, top writers possess.

The simple truth about improving your writing is that you have to practice your craft continually and consistently. Experiment with your writing, do some planning, revision, then revisit what you have been doing. Challenge yourself by establishing deadlines and competitions. Push yourself, find out about your limits and your writing will soon reward you. Try writing something that another writer inspired you, then write a few lines completely your own.

However, you won’t improve your writing style by writing in a vacuum. You must also make efforts to improve by reading the works of other writers, be it fiction, nonfiction or poetry. Get acquainted with all writing styles: argumentative or persuasive, informative or biographical, fantastic or scientific. Go through the works of talented, consecrated professionals, and also read those writers who are still finding their style.

Your readings should help you gain confidence and inspiration. They should also sustain you in building your vocabulary and help you learn more writing tricks and techniques. This way you will learn more about the patterns and rhythm of language. Try to understand what makes you different from the other authors you are reading, because by doing this you will soon be able to understand what is your own unique voice.

Becoming a better writer is not a task you can accomplish in a weekend or in a few months. Learning to be a better writer by constant improvement is a life’s work. Genuine writers never see their work done. They don't accept their condition and sit back, no matter how good they are. It’s true... it will not take you a lifetime to gain professional status, but this shouldn’t be your only goal. If you will think in these terms, you will only prevent yourself from becoming the great writer you can be.

For instance, perhaps your writing was not the reason your writing project was rejected. Instead, it could have happened because of the chosen topic, the needs of the publisher, or simply the mood of the editor when she looked over your submission. It’s a fact that you cannot control the moment when you reach professional status, but you can influence your progress toward constantly improving your writing. And one is not far from the other, as the more valuable your writing gets, the easier it will be for you to become a better (and published) writer.

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