Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Stress While Working from Home

Okay, this post comes from a blog I follow. I'm not posting the whole post here, but part of it with a link. I hope you'll go read the whole thing. Great tips for writers as we all tend to work from home.


Ahhh…the stress-free life of working from home. There are no co-workers to interrupt you, no boss looming over your shoulder and no set work schedule. You can come and go as you please, dress however you like and even leave your home office early to catch a movie.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

It is, except for the hidden stress-inducers including interruptions from your family and neighbors, a few household chores screaming for your attention and the lure of a nearby refrigerator.
You can’t control all of the stress related to working from home, but there are some things you should always do and other things you should never do to keep home office stress level low.

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