Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Sell Yourself Workshop

How to Sell Yourself with VS Grenier
This workshop is my most requested for writing conferences and by writing groups.
It‘s more than writing a good story or article when it comes to being noticed by publishers and editors. Think about it, how many bad books are out there making money? How many awful articles have you read in recent publications? Do you wonder how these writers are getting published and you’re not? Do you think it has to do with the catch 22 system? In some ways, it does, but knowing how to sell yourself is key. You’re not just a writer . . . you’re a Salesman! And the product you’re selling is Yourself!

As writers, we are a product, not just our books. Many writers aren't successful because they don't know how to sell themselves; let a lone their writing.

This online course is 10 weeks long and includes a teleclass. All assignments will be sent via email by the instructor.

Course starts September 11, 2011 and ends Noember 13, 2011
Cost: $90
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