Wednesday, December 14, 2011

American Chronicle | Spotlight on Comedian & Actor Sal Richards

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sal Richards on his book trailer for his autobiography BEHIND the LAUGHTER, HIDDEN TEARS. While working with Sal, I was not only able to read his book and watch the documentary the book is based on, but I was also able to meet the man behind the name personally. Sal Richards was born in Brooklyn, New York and in Sal´s words, "They ultimately poured the foundations for my successful career in show business." However, he didn´t start out as a Hollywood or Broadway Child Star. No, this man had to work from the bottom up and his climb to fame was met with many struggles, bumps and roadblocks. Sal in his biography said, "My father loved to make people laugh and often put on shows to entertain sick children at neighborhood hospitals." Unfortunately, his father died at an early age when Sal was only 7. However, the seed was planted and as a young boy, Sal started doing shows in grammar school and for the kids in the neighborhood. Later at the age of 18, Sal became the lead singer for a local group called the Royal-Aires. Those who don´t know Sal may wonder, How did he go from lead singer to a comedian? Sal shares this story in his book. He said, "As luck would have it the owner of Gallo Records, Lee Clarke happened to walk past while we were performing. He was so impressed he immediately offered us a recording contract. Shortly after being signed, I had an experience that would forever change my life. We were scheduled to perform at the Las Vegas Supper Club in Long Island, NY. That evening however, the comic emcee was unable to perform and I was given the opportunity to fill in for the evenings show. My act went so well, I was hired to be the house comic. That day marked the beginning of my remarkable career as a comedian." Soon after, Sal met his wonder and beautiful wife, RoseAnn. She has encouraged and supported Sal through everything during their 50 years of marriage. However, not all the stories are happily-ever-after for Sal and Ro. They lost their first child at birth, watched their oldest son fight cancer only to lose him at age 21 to adult respiratory distress syndrome and help their second son with addiction. Sal and Ro could have split up like many Hollywood marriages do, but these two turned to each other and fought for what is most important…family!

Read the full article here: American Chronicle | Spotlight on Comedian & Actor Sal Richards

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