Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Post: 31 Story Sparkers

Instead of the usual article, here are 31 story sparkers you can try out over the next several days. Have fun!

First Lines
Use these to start your story.
1. It was a gift her mother gave her on her eighteenth birthday.
2. The door slammed with finality.
3. Alice tried to remember who had given her the key.

Cliche Starters
Use these cliches to spark a story.
4. burn the midnight oil
5. bed and board
6. an idle mind is the devil's playground
7. the raw end of the deal
8. keep your fingers crossed

Random Story Words
Use each set of words in your story.
9. lab instructor, computer, garden, spinach
10. painter, cooking oil, hallway, cake
11. prisoner, ruler, stairwell, running shoes
12. flight attendant, torn page, river, cookie jar
13. security guard, broccoli, kitchen, hat

Quick Prompts
Use these to jumpstart your writing.
14. Write about how a first kiss should feel like.
15. What do you usually do on Sunday?
16. Write about what you'd cook for an enemy.
17. Write about your favorite form of relaxation.

Quick Characters
You control these characters...what would they do?
18. Nicole Bryant and Simon Bantle meet five years into the future. One of them gets ill.
19. Veronica Richter and Brendan Sell meet when a mutual acquaintance introduces them to each other. One of them becomes resigned to his/her fate.
20. Donna Francis and Lowell Barry meet when she is preparing for a religious ceremony. One of them writes and sends a letter.
21. Sonia Salvador and Mike Childers meet in a rental car office. One of them is an only child.
22. Carolyn Wilson and Lyle Mitchell meet while he is waiting for his date. One of them had a rough childhood.

Projective Identification
Write from their point of view.
23. a ladder with missing rungs
24. a one-size-fits-all shirt
25. a birdcage
26. a rusty peeler
27. a milk bottle

List Generator
Nothing can get those juices flowing than starting a list!
28. The 7 Top Things that Could Happen to Bad People
29. 10 Best Reasons to Share A Room with Your Best Friend
30. 21 Signs It's Time to Take a Bath
31. The 10 Top Things to Say to a Girl/Boy Who Got Dumped

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  1. Lots of great story starters. Thanks for sharing them.