Thursday, March 15, 2012

SPECIAL GUEST POST on Writer and Dreamer at work

I was asked by a long time friend and writer to share a bit about my past and how I started out as a writer, editor and founder of Stories for Children Publishing. I welcome you to stop by and leave a comment.

“SPECIAL GUEST POST”: Virginia Grenier – From Buyer to Writer

I am so excited to be finally welcoming a very special guest whom I have known,  oh gosh!, for a few years now, since she critiqued a draft of my novel (still a work in progress), after I found her on the internet.  Very green and not knowing anything about how to approach editors or agents, or about writing in general,  I remember my email asking if she would take a look and tell me whether it was worth my while continuing or should we just bin my story.   Her warm and surprising email was the catalyst to my writing life today, and I still have that email.  She is also the angel who came to my rescue with a copy of the critiqued novel, on hearing my copy had been stolen from my car the other week along with my laptop.
At the time when I “met” Virginia she was already a published author and had just started an online children’s magazine, as well as being a freelance editor, and Mum of two.  Over the years her writing life has grown with the Magazine website, boasting, educator pages, featured quests, and teacher/parent resources.  She now has workshops, has her own publishing company, still works as a freelance editor, runs a critique service, newsletter and now has her own radio show “Blog Talk” with Marsha Cook, interviewing authors, publishers and agents.  Not to mention “Blog Hops” and “World of Ink Tours” and assisting authors with Book Trailers…  Coming out from hiding in my side bar and here to tell us how she made her dreams come true….. my friend, Writer/Publishing guru……. Virginia Grenier.

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