Thursday, May 3, 2012

From My Mama's Kitchen - Moms Sharing Endearing Moments

“In understanding the true meaning of motherly love, consider: such profound love simply cannot be captured, expressed or elaborated in any number of written words. It has to be experienced and felt by the heart.”

Johnny Tan has been blessed over the years to have the opportunity to cross paths with several wonderful women whom he is proud to call moms. The unconditional love his 9 moms provided has enriched Johnny's intellectual and spiritual growth. Please join me in spreading the world and sending this wonderful gift of love to everyone you know.

Book Description:
Endorsed by the National Association of Mothers’ Centers, this book is dedicated to your realization and mastery of the power of unconditional love. The book offers a wealth of wisdom, knowledge of practical living skills and effective communication techniques. From My Mama’s Kitchen received five awards: Mom’s Choice Awards, Mr. Dad Seal of Recognition, Publisher’s Choice Awards by Family Magazine Group, International Book Awards and National Indie Excellence Book Awards. In addition, the book received 52 five-star reviews from Amazon .com and Barnes & Noble.
From My Mama's Kitchen reveals the power of relationships, the nature of love and the meaning of life. Johnny's 9 moms equipped him with these insights in the kitchen setting. From the virtue of spiritual awareness to self-actualization, Johnny's 9 moms nourished him with recipes for living to become a person defined by his thoughts and actions.
The book is a tribute to mothers everywhere. The print version of this book is designed as a keepsake for all occasions, meant to last and inspire forever. It includes a blank dedication page for readers to inscribe their own loved one's name, and a space where readers can record their recipes for living. At the very end of the book, Johnny incorporates nine of his favorite food recipes. 
This Mother’s Day, please consider giving From My Mama’s Kitchen as a gift to your loved ones. If you prefer the print version, which is designed as a keepsake that has a blank page for personalization, please use the following links: 
Thank your for forwarding this special offer to your social networks and helping me spread the power of unconditional love!

Johnny Tan, founder of From My Mama's Kitchen®, currently hosts a weekly internet radio program, FMMK Talk Radio, since 2009. As a leadership and motivational speaker, Johnny's message is "personal success begins at home." He teaches individuals practical strategies on how to use the power of unconditional love as potent leadership, how to live a life of conscious choice through self-empowerment and how to manage environmental elements with confidence and clarity. He motivates people to create opportunities for themselves to leave a legacy of love. 
As an award-winning author and speaker, Johnny enriches his readers and audience with the knowledge to improve their intellectual growth and spiritual well being. His, From My Mama's Kitchen® Live! conferences serve as a platform for a select team of professionals committed to helping others move into action using the power of love!  
Johnny's leadership experience extends from being a former corporate executive for eight years to owning his own business. He also enjoyed serving his community as chairman of Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitor Bureau in 2001, commissioner of Baton Rouge Sister Cities Commission in 2002, chairman of Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Committee in1998, as well as chairman of Project Baton Rouge 2020 "A Vision of Opportunity with a World of Possibility" in 1997, and president of Louisiana Restaurant Association Baton Rouge Chapter in 1995. 
He lives in Dallas, Texas and is currently working on book II, From My Mama's Kitchen series.

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