Thursday, June 14, 2012

American Chronicle | Meet Children's Author Viji K. Chary

Today we have Viji Chary, author of the picture book, Porcupine´s Seeds.

Viji K. Chary lived in California nearly all her life. She went to school and college and also worked in the science field there. Chary and her husband raised their children with emphasis on science and music. In the process, she learned to be curious about various subjects, which later helped to spark her love for writing.

"Now my two teenage children and two young nephews keep me busy. My nephews love to read. They keep me in touch with my target audience," shared Chary.

She first became interested in writing in sixth grade when her English teacher asked each student to write a story. "At that time, I used to read the same books I loved over and over again. I found it hard to find other interesting books. I felt a story should have excitement. So, in my English assignment, the MC (main character) and her friend had a swimming race across a lake. While the MC was swimming, ´something´ pulled her leg. Scared, she hopped out of the lake and ran to the other side. The class voted my story the best! But, the story had holes in it. I didn´t know what pulled the MC´s leg. I just wanted excitement. And the resolution in the story was not strong enough. But, I enjoyed writing it so much that I decided be an author when I ´grew up´," shared Chary.
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American Chronicle | Meet Children's Author Viji K. Chary

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