Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First on BBN: Blogging Can Be a Challenge

There are many reasons why people choose to start blogging. My reason was simple…I wanted contact with liked minded people and those who could say more than a few words. Yes, I started blogging when I still had little ones in diapers at home like many mommy bloggers. However, I found that after a few weeks blogging was a bit more challenging with a baby in the house than writing a book or managing my online magazine for kids.

Unlike writing on assignment or even when a new idea pops into your head, blogging requires daily, weekly and even monthly postings. As a writer I thought, It won’t be hard to start a blog. Wrong! Hard it was as I found I didn’t have the weeks or months to fine-tune my blog posts. I had hours or days at most with a baby demanding my time and a preschooler turning my house into an juggle gym. Then there was the constant “what should I write about today or this week” muse nagging at my subconscious and even conscious level.

At first, I thought I would just use my blog as a daily live journal of sorts, however, after a typo here and there…my writing readers were not as forgiving. Okay, that didn’t work as I learned I needed to still put time and thought into what I journaled about. Next, I tired reviews. Well this seemed to work out okay, but finding time to read books or check out products become a bit time consuming in its own right. Off to another idea for the blog. I know…interviews. This was okay to a point, but finding people wasn’t always easy and how do you make each interview sound different from the one before it.

I was back at square one—looking at a beautiful baby face, playing games with my preschooler and wondering when my preteen or husband would be home, as I needed grown-up conversation. Then it hit me. Why not combine everything on one blog and ask for fellow bloggers and writers to guest post to help fill those daily, weekly and monthly posts. Bingo!

I have been blogging now for about three years and have three other blogs for various content as well now. Each day on my personal blog is set for a different topic such as Grammar Monday, Tip Tuesday, Guest Post Wed, Update Thurs. and Interview Friday.

I love blogging and commenting with others who like me have families, review books & products and write. I learn new things each time I visit one of their blogs or they share a bit about themselves with me at mine.

Yes, I still find it hard to find the time to sit and come up with blog ideas from time to time, but when that happens, I just reach out to my blogging community for a guest post, interview or feature. My blog may not have daily posts all the time, but weekly posts I seems to get up. My kids enjoy sharing ideas too to help me fill those infinite blogging pages that always seem to want more.

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