Monday, June 18, 2012

Guest BookMarketingBuzzBlog: How Will You Get Someone To Share Your Link?

As you all know, I like to share blog posts and do guest posts on topics I feel can help benefit all of you. I was contacted about this post and really found it interesting let alone most everything else on the blog. If you're not one to follow many bloggers I do highly suggest you add Book Marketing Buzz Blog to that limited list.

Everyone is trying to use social media to launch their books.  But what is the secret sauce for getting others to willingly be soldiers in your war? What will motivate others to retweet, post, or share our messages and links with their pool of followers, friends, family, and fans? Why should they go out on a limb for you, especially if you are a stranger? Why would they waste their time or risk looking stupid for sharing something that may not go over well with others? How will you even get them to look at, let alone be interested in, your blog posts, videos, or podcasts?

Even though it is relatively quick and effortless to forward a link to others -- and it costs nothing – the sender’s reputation is on the line. You are not sending political content to a distribution list that includes your boss or business colleagues, are you? You won’t send porn to people who also attend church with you, right?  You have to filter out what you like and then what you think is appropriate to share.
Most people will do something when they believe it is in their best interests. Do you have enough of an incentive to get them to share your link? What currency will speak to them and win them over?

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BookMarketingBuzzBlog: How Will You Get Someone To Share Your Link?: 

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