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American Chronicle | Author Spotlight: Jo Linsdell of Out and About at the Zoo

Jo Linsdell picture book 'Out and About at the Zoo' is a rhyming picture book with colorful pictures showing children a fun day out discovering different things in the world around them. This first book in the ´Out and About´ series is a wonderful introduction to a day at the zoo for children young and old.

Linsdell, also the illustrator, has created pictures so adorable it makes you want to hug each animal in the book. Both the pictures and the text will entice a child's wonder and excitement during a day at the zoo.

Linsdell writes mostly about Italy, pregnancy and parenting, marketing (She LOVES social media) and the writing industry. She has some very successful blogs such as Writers and Authors were those who are new or experienced authors can pick up a tip or two.

Linsdell has enjoyed writing since she could hold a pen in her hand but officially started her writing career in 2006. Since then, Linsdell has worked for numerous clients around the world and won a few awards along the way too. She has also published several books including the popular 'Italian for Tourists' phrasebook. Linsdell won several awards for her blogs and was listed on the Literary World Who's Who in the writing industry in 2009.

Originally from the UK, Linsdell came to Rome, Italy for 3 days back in July 2001 and ended up staying. In 2006, she married a lovely Italian man named Maurizio and together they have two sons. Her family and Italian surrounds have been an inspiration to Linsdell from day one. "I've always loved to try new experiences and that's reflected both in my work experience and writing. I've done a bit of everything from credit controller to receptionist to shop assistant to tour guide. My work experience is as varied as the genres I write," shared Linsdell. "One of the first jobs I had when I moved to Rome was for a company that produced publications for the dental industry. A learnt a lot about formatting and other behind the scenes skills there. Later on, I had a job writing research articles for the Neurology department and there I picked up knowledge about researching, submitting queries and the submission process in general. It was after that job I started taking my writing seriously and had my first freelance article published. Soon after, I published my first book."

Linsdell's first book was 'Italian for Tourists,' an English-Italian phrasebook covering only the words and phrases tourists actually need during their visit to Italy. A book many travelers will find useful I'm sure. Her second book was 'A Guide to Weddings in Italy,' which she wrote following her own wedding in Italy in 2006. Another book many have found useful and even inspirational for weddings in other locations around the world. Linsdell also published several e-books including a collection of poetry.

Her latest book 'Out and About at the Zoo,' is a picture book for younger readers. "I wrote 'Out and About at the Zoo' for my four-year-old son after taking him to the zoo for the first time. Spending quality time together with my kids is one of the most important things to me and I love watching them discover the world. They are already growing up so fast and these first years are so special," shared Linsdell.

The book is a fun way to discover different animals and something about them but it also highlights the joy of quality family time together. Linsdell is also the illustrator of her recently release children's picture book. "With 'Out and About at the Zoo' the text just seemed to flow and didn't take me long at all. The illustrations were the hard part. I studied art and design in college and so drawing up the sketches was easy but making them digital and print quality was not. This was my first time using a graphics program and I had no idea about transparencies, layers and embedding. It was a real learning curve for me," shared Linsdell.

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American Chronicle | Author Spotlight: Jo Linsdell of Out and About at the Zoo

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