Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post Wed: 5 Activities To Help Get Over Writer's Block

Putting words together and making them sound nice is your ‘thing’. You are the go-to person for friends, families, colleagues and clients come to you to for writing inspiration. You know when you meet a comedian and ask them to tell you a joke and they stare at your speechless, well sometimes you are unable to perform because of writer’s block, and you have been put on the spot! Here are 5 activities writers can do to help them get over that pesky block. 

Exercise: Shape up and clear your mind, it’s a win, win! Doing something simple as going for a 30 minute walk or joining an hour fitness class can help you. Exercise is good for increasing your heart rate, blow flow and releasing those natural ‘good feelings’ called endorphins. When that block stands in your way, grab your tennis shoes and head to the gym. 

Nap: Sometimes writers get discouraged and find difficulty writing all because they are tired. This is a perfect time to take that catnap you daydream about it. The best nap to take is no longer than 45 minutes and no shorter than 30 minutes. Anything too short will be pointless and anything too long will only make you groggy. 

Read: Whatever you do, do not read your own work. Give your brain a break, grab your favorite magazine or book, and take a few minutes to read. Also try reading some blogs you admire and follow, this can help trigger some ideas when you least expect it. Your goal with reading someone else’s words is to stop thinking so hard about yours. 

Shower: Ever jumped into the shower and mid-way through your hair rinse you have an ‘Ah Ha!’ moment? Believe it or not bathing is a great way to refresh yourself and get you focused.  Be sure to have a paper and pen handy when that thought hits you. 

Shop: Most people either hate shopping or love shopping. Those who hate shopping, don’t like it because it’s a mindless task and for those who love shopping love it because it requires no thought. Whether you love it or hate it, the point is, it’s an activity that doesn’t require much brain activity. Give your brain a break and hit the stores.
These activities are centered on giving your brain and thoughts a timeout. Do not force a writer’s block; it will only frustrate you more. Take time to do something for yourself and then come back to it.


Author  Byline:
Monta Fleming is a mother of three children and serves as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups as well as a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance. She is a regular contributor of “find nannies”. You can get in touch with her at montafleming6Atgmail dotcom.

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