Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest Post: 4 Ways to Write with Kids

Trying to write with kids in the house is difficult. They demand so much of your time, energy and concentration that getting anything productive done seems like a huge hurdle. However there are ways to write even with kids running amok. Here are a few ways to write with kids:

1.      Let Them Help – Children always want to help their parents work, even when that work seems dull to us. Give your children a chance to learn and experience a little of what you are doing by providing them with a task. They can create their own story book with just a few sheets of paper bound together with yarn. Have them write and illustrate their story. By the time they are finished you will have gotten some writing of your own done. 

2.      Set Aside Time –The best way to get anything accomplished is to set aside a specific time for it. With writing it is best to find out when you are at your most productive and set aside that time every day just to write. No matter what else is going on, get into the habit of writing then. Once your children realize you have a strict schedule, they will be less likely to bother you during writing time. If you can, try to provide them with a productive task of their own like reading time or just quiet play. 

3.      Make Your Space – Another important factor in productive writing is having your own space. Create an office area that is out of the way. Plopping down in the middle of the kitchen is usually not the best idea for a work space. Instead, find a quiet nook that you can keep neat and organized. Only you should touch the stuff there and it should be declared a ‘no kid zone’. The better organized and separate you are, the less likely you are to get distracted and frazzled.

4.      Plan Ahead –Even in the times you are not writing you can plan what you are going to write. Keep a small notepad with you so you can jot down ideas and plot points. If you can, try to write down everything before you ever sit down to write. This only takes a few minutes at a time, so you do not have to really concentrate on it for long periods, but it will help get you started quickly when you do have time to really write. It is much better than staring at a blank page and wondering what in the world you are going to write about.

These are just a few of the ways to make your writing life more productive when you have kids to think about. Keep your writing a priority in your life and do not make excuses. There is always time to write if you make the time. Set strong boundaries and let your children know that this is important to you. It is something that they will appreciate as they have to start setting their own priorities in life! 

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