Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Review: Killing Casanova by Traci McDonald

Sometimes not only your heart is blind, which happens to be situation with Cassie Taylor, the heroine in this non-stop suspenseful romantic thriller.

About the Book:
Killing Casanova is based in the small ranch community of Lindley, Nevada where Jake Caswell claims the skills and reputation of infamous womanizer ‘Casanova’, until he meets Cassie Taylor, who is seemingly oblivious to Jake’s irresistible charms. Jake determines to add Cassie to Casanova’s list of conquests and unknowingly pulls her into his troubled life. Cassie uncovers old tragic wounds and a world of violence she did not expect, and her own life is at risk from Casanova’s enemies. Worse, she fears the truth about him will leave her heart as the next victim of Casanova’s flawed perceptions. Will Cassie be able to uncover the man behind the mask amidst the threat of peril? Is there hope for love in a tangled web of danger   and blind distrust?

Overall Thoughts:
I really enjoyed Killing Casanova. I'm not a big fan of western or cowboy themed novels, but this isn't set during the Old West. In fact, the leading man Jake is one cowboy I wouldn't mind meeting. The romance that blooms between Cassie and Jake is full of flaws, lies, deceit and suspense. However, no one ever said love was perfect right? I loved the real life drama and heartache author Traci McDonald brings to her storytelling. She also does a great job of not only showing her character's flaws and setbacks but also their strengths. Killing Casanova reminds us all how we need to rely and trust those we love as well as being true to ourselves and knowing when to let go.

Publisher: Crimson Romance
ISBN Number: 978-1440552427
ISBN 10: 1440552428
ASIN: B008DVPAW6 (eBook)
Publication Date: July 2012
Genre: Mainstream Romance/Suspense

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Author Traci McDonald will be joining me as a guest on The Writing Mama show November 19, 2012 at 2pm EST.

Traci McDonald has been a writer since she figured out how to make words on a page. Traci wrote for English classes like most people, but she wrote everything else in between. Traci won minor competitions with short stories, poetry and lyrics before becoming visually impaired. That is just a political correct way of saying Traci McDonald is blind. Traci lost her eyesight 17 years ago, but it never stopped her from living life and following her dreams. She has struggled with her health and raising kids, prior to the publication of her first novel. Traci is very excited to see her dream in life coming true. She lives in a small cozy town in the Mojave Desert, less than 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Traci McDonald has four other books in the process of becoming published and a whole list of others she plans to write.

You can find out more about Traci McDonald and her debut romance novel during her World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

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