Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap

I love Halloween. It really is my favorite holiday in the year. I'm not sure if it has something to do with it being my mom's birthday or not. I know it is fun telling people I'm the daughter of a witch. I mean after all all witches are born on Halloween...aren't they. Of course, my mom isn't a mean witch. She is one of the nicest people I know. Sometimes I think her parents got the wrong holiday to have her on. What do I mean?

Well when someone asks about my mom, I say, "She is a lot like Mrs. Clause. She loves to give little kids goodies, is round and jolly, and loud. I mean really loud." Of course, when you think about it...a lot of witches are round and loud, and the good ones do like to give out treats to little kids. So I guess maybe her parents did get the right holiday after all.

One thing my mom really taught me about Halloween is how to let your inner child come out. She always dressed up each year with me and really got into the whole spirit of the season. We even had parties so I could still enjoy the holiday and she could also see family and friends for her birthday. This started to change as I got older as I went out with my friends to "Trick or Treat" and she stayed home to hand out candy.

This year my mom was in surgery for her birthday to add insult to injury right? But we didn't want my mom's birthday to go unnoticed so the kids and I sent her lots of pictures with little messages about what we were doing to celebrate her birthday with the rest of the world. We had a lot of fun and she really enjoyed reading the text messages every few minutes as she lay in her hospital bed recovering.

She even shared some of her favorite childhood memories of trick or treating. I think my kids really enjoyed the one where she came home with a new little kitty. I'm not sure my grandparents were to happy about that. As we passed messages back and forth via text message I realized how many story ideas my mom was giving me for future books. Now to take all those memories from my favorite holiday and of course mom's birthday and share them with the rest of the world.

My mom really is a good sport when it comes to her birthday being on one of the busiest holidays of the year.

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