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Guest Post Wed: Elizabeth Kail Arnita's Inspiration

What is the inspiration behind writing “Baby Come Home”?

When I hear of taste or see something good, I have to let others know. The same rings true for a good story. “Baby Come Home” was inspired by a true-life story that proved to be a good life lesson. My daughter was in the rebellious teen years when every rule was viewed as a hindrance to her growing up and enjoying life. She would often tell me I was caging her and stopping her from experiencing the world.  

At that time, we had a beautiful bird named “Baby”. He belonged to my son, Sam. He was an unusually friendly bird that seemed to enjoy exploring our home from the perch of someone’s shoulder. Often we would take Baby outside, but kept him in the confinement of his cage. My daughter seemed to have transposed her feelings of entrapment onto Baby and decided one day he didn’t need a cage outside. She defiantly placed him on her shoulder and preceded to head outside, thinking the bird loved her too much to fly away. He took off within 30 seconds. Baby was gone and not coming back; no matter how many hours we spent calling and looking for him. We knew our region was not indigenous to his breed and our area could not offer the type of food or climate he needed. Baby would be easy prey for the hawk that took up residence in our neighborhood. Our hearts were broken.  

Needless to say, a very hard life lesson was learned that day.

Not wanting to rub the truth in my daughters face, I suppressed the story for several years. Now she is older and much wiser, and I needed to express it so others could benefit from the lesson.  

It is my prayer through the story of a young inexperienced bird, children can see rules are a form of protection and if obeyed, allow us a safe place to grow until we are mature enough to survive on our own. 
“Baby Come Home” also offers another lesson. When the rules are broken and rebellion is chosen, we call out to God; His love for us will bring us home with warm and welcoming arms. By the way, you don’t have to be a rebellious teen. You could be a stubborn mom who foolishly thinks she has it all together (myself implied).    

“Baby Come Home” has also given me a forum to shout out about something else that is VERY good. Welcome The Children is a non-profit organization that supplies needs for the body, mind and soul of severely impoverished children around the world. All proceeds from this book and future books will assist children who would otherwise have little hope of a desirable future.   

The World of Ink Network will be touring author Elizabeth Arnita’s Children’s Christian Picture book, BABY COME HOME published by Halo Publishing Int. throughout January 2013.

About the Book:
“Baby Come Home” is a story of the young bird, “Baby”, who learns the value of unconditional love and acceptance after he decides to break free from the confinement of his cage and those who love him most. The story gives children a different perspective on rules and why we need to obey them while also offering a teaching on the unconditional love our perfect God has for His imperfect people.

ISBN:  978-1-61244-087-3
Genre of Book:  Children’s Christian Picture Book
Copyright 2013

Places available for sale:  Internet/Online, Church Book Store

About the Author: 
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Arnita is the youngest of 12 children. She learned early in life about family dynamics and the concept of sharing. After graduating in 1983, with a degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, Elizabeth married Shadi and they have been blessed with four fabulous children. Her love for the Lord has opened her eyes to a world in need and ignited her compassion for those who are less fortunate. She and her husband founded and continue to manage Welcome The Children; a non-profit organization that funds and supports children who are experiencing the reality of poverty. Elizabeth Arnita has designated all of the proceeds from her book sales to support WTC.

You can find out more about Elizabeth Arnita, her books and World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

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