Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review Tuesday: Isosceles by Scott R. Caseley

About the Book:
The novel takes the reader on a journey through the thirteen-year friendship between Sean McIntyre and Trey Goodsby. When Sean finds his best friend Trey dead and almost completely submerged in a bathtub filled with bloody water, he is determined to find out if it was an accident or suicide. Did his death accidental or intentional have anything to do with Madeline Edwards, the woman who came between them constantly through their thirteen-year friendship? The tale begins with the death of Trey Goodsby and explores his relationships with family, friends, his romances, and which of the circumstances he found himself in that led to the tragic event, and the repercussions for those he left behind.

Overall Thoughts:
Oh, where to begin on this epic tale of friendship, family, love and death…I think I’ll start with the three main characters of this contemporary tale. I was able to relate to each one and even saw bits of myself. Trey is a typical bad boy on the surface. He gets into his fair share of trouble; however, there is more to Trey…a lot more. Even though we never fully get all his secrets revealed to us as the reader, you know this is a very complicated person deep down. Madeline or Maddie as her family and friends called her is well a bit of witch in my personal opinion. She has her moments were you feel for her, but she reminded me a lot of Jennie (but with money instead of being poor) from Forrest Gump. To me, she was the complete antagonist to Sean and Trey, and their friendship. Now to address Sean, who is the narrative voice of the novel and what most would picture as the boy next door personality. He is sweet and always trying to make sense out of his life and friends.

The friendship and family dynamics were amazing. The families all intertwined with each other. You have mothers passing away, parents divorcing, and adults having to face those who wronged them as their kids try to stay friends throughout it all. Sean, Trey and Maddie, in the middle of it all, have their own issues. It’s a lover’s triangle between them as well as a friendship that shouldn’t be. You have Maddie the rich girl, Sean the average Joe and Trey, the kid who’s from the wrong side of the tracks. Can it even work between them or does this all having something to do with Trey’s death?

I’m not going to answer that question or the question Author Scott R. Caseley asks the reader, “If you have that feeling that you're coming up short...what will it take to feel equal?” You’ll have to read the book to answer both for yourself. What I will say it was an amazing read and one that caused a lot of reflection for me.

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
eBook ISBN: 978-1-77127-239-1
Publication Date: January 2013
Genre of Book: Young Adult- Coming of Age, Mystery/Romance

Places where available for sale: MuseItUpPublishing.com, Amazon.com, Bookstrand, Omnilit, Kobo, Smashwords and B&N

About the Author: 
While this is his first novel, he wrote and directed a dramatic feature, co-wrote and directed a documentary and wrote for an online magazine. He’s also a trained voice, stage, and screen actor. In addition to his creative pursuits, he is passionate about healthy living. He follows a mostly self-directed fitness quest consisting of weight training, walking, swimming, yoga, and hula hooping. When not working out, he also enjoys cooking healthy gourmet meals as well as playing board games with family and friends with plenty of coffee brewing to keep the fun going until the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. Hi Virginia,

    Thank you very much for your thorough review. I'm glad that you liked it and the feedback is very beneficial.


  2. You're welcome Scott. I really enjoyed the book a lot.