Monday, March 17, 2014

Knowing Your Premise Before Sitting Down to Write

On Sunday's I'm a guest blogger from time to time at Utah Children's Writers. This past weekend I submitted a post about the importance of knowing your premise.

 Knowing Your Premise Before Sitting Down to Write:

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books sent to me from
authors that have both traditionally and non-traditionally (be it
self-published, P.O.D or any other format out these days) published books from
children to main stream. Many I have enjoyed, while others I have walked away
with thoughts of how the story could have been better. But the one thing I
noticed no matter how the author went about publishing the book is this…the
stories I truly enjoyed, related to and found myself lost in as a reader all
had a well defined premise.
All well told stories start with a premise. This isn’t me
just stating my own belief about writing or how it works for me as an author
sitting down to write. This is a hardcore truth we all must face and if we as
writers sit down without knowing this premise to our story before our fingers
hit the keys—we need to be honestly open to feedback we get before and after we
publish our work.

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