Thursday, April 24, 2014

Book Review: Quincy and Buck

Mom's Choice Gold Award-winning: Quincy the Horse Series. In Quincy’s third adventure, "Quincy and Buck", Quincy tries to overcome his fears about “surprises waiting for horses out on the trail” by going on his first trail ride. Quincy’s main concern is the wild animals he might meet but the real challenge turns out to be another horse. Buck, the horse he hopes will be his trail buddy and guide him, turns out to be a bully who is dangerous!

Quincy learns some important things about dealing with a bully.

Thoughts: This is a wonderful series of book and you won't be disappointed with the third installment of this series. Besides helping younger children understand what a bully is and some of the reason's they may be a bully, young readers also learn how to find confidence within themselves. Quincy also shows readers how to overcome fears and become a leader to those around them. 

Another wonderful life lesson Quincy teaches readers is that not everyone will want to be your friend. As the book comes to a close you find out what happens between Buck and Quincy and that ending isn't friendship, but an understanding. 

My two daughters loved this book and it helped to open up a great conversation with them about friendship, fear, standing up for yourself and how to deal with a bully. 

I look forward the next Quincy the Horse picture book as I'm always very happy with the story plot and detailed illustrations.

  • Age Range: 5 - 7 years
  • Grade Level: Kindergarten - 2
  • Series: Quincy the Horse Books
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Pathfinder Equine Publications (March 15, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0981924042
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981924045

Available in Ebook and Hard Cover (only 5 available for review)

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