Friday, December 19, 2014

Interview Friday: Dennis Marcoux - Children's Picture Book Author

Dennis Marcoux lived in Worcester, Massachusetts for most of his life and now resides in Cape Coral, Florida. He has been writing children stories and poems for many years and is passionate about children reading to expand their imagination. In his spare time, you can find him reading books as a volunteer in elementary schools and children's hospitals. He is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of Fort Myers, Florida

VS: What do you do to help balance your writing life with your family life?
Dennis: I do not have a typical routine. I write whenever ideas and thoughts enter my mind.  My  imagination is like a jig saw puzzle.  Sometimes the pieces do not always fall into place easily.

It has been a humbling experience, especially when children and parents express to me how much they enjoyed my book. 

VS: What inspired you to write your book?
Dennis: I was inspired by my Granddaughter Molly's imagination. We often walked together in the woods and the animals there fascinated her...namely the squirrels 

VS: Can you share with us a little about your current book?

Dennis: Nutty and his sister Twittles set out to play a fun game of hide "n" seek with their friends. When Twittles is the only one missing, the game quickly changes.  Nutty has to find his sister because she may be lost in the dark and dangerous Forrest.

VS: What did you find to be the most challenging part of writing your book?
Dennis: The publishing process. I sent my manuscript to Halo Publishing Int., and received a response from Lisa Umina the CEO. I had no idea what getting a book published entailed and really learned a lot about the process. Lisa guided me through each step of the process beginning with editing, finding an illustrator, marketing and the final print. Lisa went above and beyond my expectations and made the challenges of getting a book published a good experience.
VS: Do you have any other works in progress? Can you share a little about them?
Dennis: I'm currently working on a series of books with Nutty and Twittles that will include a teaching element, as well as open up their imagination and develop their creativity.
VS: What do you feel as parents we need to do to help our children see success?

Dennis: Reading is important because it ultimately leads to greater creativity. I compare my philosophy on reading like playing dominos. Reading leads to imagination, which leads to ideas, and ideas lead to creativity.  You can't get to the last domino until you start the first one. 

VS: Where can the readers of The Writing Mama find out more about and your writing?

Dennis: Places where available for sale: Halo Publishing International, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
e-Book Available Nook & Kindle