Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Book Review: Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living by Lawrence Elliott

About the book:
This book gives the reader keys to unlock the mysteries of life in a simple, but yet profound way. The proverbs will assist you with avoiding unnecessary problems. The principles in this book will teach you how to go through your preordained trials with patience, joy and peace in order for you to come out victorious. These teachings of wisdom will provide insight and inspiration to safely guide you through the uncharted waters of your life. Be blessed.

ISBN:  978-1-61244-286-0

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book as it isn't a typical self-help book. There are 9 chapters total and each one touches on a different theme: God & Spirituality, Home & Family, Love & Relationship, Wisdom & Knowledge, Leadership & Politics, Habits & Virtues, Kindness & Gratitude, Business & Finance, and Strength & Endurance. 

The author shares at the beginning of each chapter his personal thoughts on the subject. Nothing the author says is judgemental. Everything shared is common knowledge, but stuff we tend to forget in our busy daily lives. The proverbs are just as simple as the opening remarks by the author. They are broken down into either a simple phrase such as: "The blind need a guide, the cripple needs a crutch, the visionless needs a visionary, and the sinner needs a savior." (God & Spirituality, proverb 10.) Or they can be short paragraphs filled with insight such as: "Whenever you catch your children stealing, don’t pet them. Punish them. If you don’t punish them now, society will punish them later. When society does it, your family’s embarrassments
will be greater." (Home & Family, proverb 14.)

Yes, these are simple statements of fact, but how often do we really sit down and ponder the things we know to be true? Rarely I'm afraid. However, with Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living, you can take these simple words with you or share them with those you love. I've even taken it a bit further and write one on my kid's and my own bathroom mirror for the week. It's just a simple reminder of the kind of person we want to be in our home.

In the words of the author Lawrence Elliott at the beginning of the book, "Life is a mixture of good times and rough times. You cannot avoid all of the negative situations that come into your life. They are there for a purpose, to help you grow. But you can avoid the unnecessary situations that bring pain, regret and despair. Practicing these proverbs will greatly enhance your life."

About the author:
Lawrence Elliott was born in one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas called New Providence. He is married to a lovely lady named Deborah. His passion is to teach the laws of life in a practical way. Presently, he volunteers teaching junior high school boys the word of God, in a group called the Christian Boys Movement. Additionally, Mr. Elliott volunteered teaching ‘at risk’ high school boys, the principles of life at a special institute designed for them.

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