Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thoughts from the Director: 2015 St. George Book Festival

When I began as the Director of the St. George Book Festival three years ago, I had a dream of what it could become. I wanted the book festival to be more than just coming to hear an author talk about their latest book. I wanted it to be a family, reader of all ages and community event. But even though I had this vision of what could be, making it happen was another matter.

A lot of people pat me on the back for a job well done, but in all honesty, I couldn't have done it without my committee: Dave Smith, Darren Edwards, Dawn McLain, Lenore Madden, Lin Floyd, Bonnie Anderson, James Duckett and Ami Comeford. Or without our partners and supporters: Joel Tucker and Alan Anderson at the Washington County Library System, Pam Graf and the Spooky Town Fair committee, Mary Nell Lundquest and her team at the St. George Children's Museum, Jon Braaten at Abby Inn, Donna MacBean, and David Rowland at Comics Plus.

It's been a long road and this year was filled with growing pains and uphill battles. I didn't do it alone and nor would I want to. Everyone I worked with is the backbone of the St. George Book Festival and our community is lucky to have them. They are the group that supports my big dreams and help make it possible.

They are the ones who put up with my crazy ideas such as let's decorate the Literacy Charity Dinner ourselves this year. Or how about have anywhere from 2 to 3 events happening each day of a week long book festival.

They helped find and suggest some of the best speakers we've had. They came to every event and didn't complain, but just asked, "What can I do to help?"

This is what the committee, supporters and partners of the St. George Book Festival are able to do and I'm thankful they can so I can keep dreaming of what the book festival can be while they make that dream reality.

Here are the people who really deserve a pat on the back for a job well done:
Jessica Elgin, Spooky Town Fair Committee Member

Darren Edwards, SGBF Vice Co-Chairman

Janice Brooks, Speaker at SGBF Kick-off

Lin Floyd, SGBF Youth Poetry Contest Coordinator

James Duckett, Technology/Social Media Coordinator

Bonnie Anderson, SGBF Treasurer and Lenore Madden, SGBF WCSD Coordinator

Ami Comeford, SGBF DSU Coordinator & Utah Humanities Boardmember

Jack Rolf, Speaker at Kick-off

Brad Wilcox, Keynote Speaker at Kick-off

Justin Osmond, Speaker at Humanities Night

Jonathan Diaz, Speaker at Humanities Night

Dawn McLain, SGBF Sponsorship/Media Coordinator

Dave Smith, SGBF Vice Co-Chairman

Pam Graf, WCSDF and Spooky Town Fair Director

And so many others...

Thank you everyone for making 2015 one of the best year's ever this October!

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